TAJÊ: Now is the time to reclaim the holy Yazidi land and resistance

“The Turkish state wants to avenge ISIS. We urge women and young people to stand up to the Turkish attacks and to protect their land and dignity,” the Yazidi Women’s Freedom Movement (TAJÊ) said.

The Yazidi Women’s Freedom Movement (TAJÊ) released a written statement against the increasingly ongoing Turkish invasion attacks.

Defining the Turkish state as “the continuation of the Ottoman Empire and the historical enemy of the Yazidis”, TAJÊ said, “The Ottomans wanted to wipe out the Yazidis through dozens of massacres. To this end, it first targeted prominent members of the Yazidis. However, the heroic Yazidi people have resisted the 74 massacres they have experienced. After these 74 mass slaughters, they organized themselves and established their own defence forces. They are currently resisting the new Ottomans.”

The statement continued, “The invading Turkish state has attacked Syria and Iraq several times since 2017, targeting Rojava, Shengal, Maxmur and Medya Defense Zones. The Turkish state is trying to avenge ISIS through its attacks. Turkey is carrying out air strikes in violation of all international laws in cooperation with the KDP. Moreover, since April the invading Turkish state has been using chemical weapons against PKK guerrillas in the mountains of Kurdistan and killing civilians. Last year, it carried out a massacre after striking the Sikêniyê hospital and this year in Zakho. Human rights organizations remain silent in the face of all these crimes against humanity. The invading and genocidal Turkish state targeted many leading Yazidi people such as Mam Zeki, Seid Hasen, Zardeşt Şengali and Marwan Bedel to leave them without leadership in cooperation with the KDP.”

“We urge women and young people to stand up against Turkish attacks and to protect their land and dignity. Now is the time to reclaim the holy lands and resistance.”

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