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Program of international campaign “Against Feminicide – be the voice of self-defense”

TAJê oublished the program of the international camapign "Against Feminicide - Be the voice of self-defense!"

On March 8, 2024, we as the Freedom’s Movement of Êzidî Women (TAJÊ / Tevgera Azadiya Jinên Êzidî), started the campaign “Against feminicide – be the voice of self-defense”. From International Women’s Day until August 3, 2024, the tenth anniversary of the genocide and feminicide in Şengal, we will raise our voices against feminicide and for self-defense. We call on all women worldwide to become part of this campaign.

We hope, that you will join the campaign in various and colorful ways. It is our wish, that everyone, who wants to, takes the initiative to develop the campaign further. Furthermore, we also want to make some proposals for a common program. Let us animate them together!


  • Until August, 3rd you can join the campaign. We are happy if you send us a text, letter or video to let us know about it.

  • Until July, 1st: Our voices are colorful!

    • We invite you to send us songs, poems, drawings or other artistic inputs about self-defense against feminicide in your languages and cultures. We are planning to publish them in a joint brochure at the end of the campaign.

  • Until May, 15th: with the slogan YJŞ is our honor!

    • Until today, the military Women’s Units of Şengal YJŞ, which were founded in response to the genocide and feminicide 2014, are not officially recognized. Furthermore, the Turkish state is continuously committing attacks, which wounded and/or killed many of its members. To take a stand for the right of self-defense and to express our solidarity with YJŞ, we invite you to send us pictures with YJŞ-flags until May, 15th.

  • From April, 1st until June, 1st: Our Şehîds are our light and hope!

    • In spring, the nature of Şengal blooms in all colors. Especially in the mountains of Şengal the most beautiful flowers grow. We want to make use of this time to remember women, who resisted against the patriarchal system. Therefore, we invite you to organize commemorations in all the places you are. For this, we will also upload pictures and stories of resisting êzîdi women on the homepage of TAJÊ, which you can use.

  • August, 3rd: 10th anniversary of the genocide and feminicide in Şengal

    • We call on all women, to take to the streets on this day. We want to make clear, that we will never again accept a genocide and feminicide against any woman, society or community of faith – no matter where. Especially on this day, we will raise our voices against feminicide and for self-defense.

Besides this proposals, TAJÊ also plan seminars, videos and conferences. As far as there are more information on this, we will share them with you.


To make sure that the campaign attracts interest and attention, it is helpful and important for us to get to know about the various actions and participation. Therefore, we ask you to send us all pictures, videos and/or reports concerning the camapaign via email ([email protected]). Furthermore we will use the hashtags #AgainstFemicide and #DengeXweparastin in social media. On the homepage of TAJÊ (www.taje-shengal.com) we will then collect and share all information concerning the campaign.

Find the program in Kurdish, German, Spanish and French here.

Let us unite our voices in the spirit of JIN JIYAN AZADÎ!

With lots of greetings and respect,

Şengal, March 2024

Tevgera Azadiya Jinên Êzidî (TAJÊ)

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