People’s Assembly and Êzidxan Asayish: We can die here, but we won’t leave our land

The members of the People’s Assembly and Êzidxan Asayish said: “The world should know that we will avenge the martyrs.”

Tevgera Azadiya Jinên Êzidî (TAJE) came together to protest the Turkish state’s attacks on Shengal and said that they are behind their self-defense forces and will not give up their struggle.

Speaking on behalf of the women of Shengal, Martyrs’ Families Committee member Meyan Nasır said: “We condemn Iraq for not breaking its silence despite all the attacks carried out by the invading Turkish state. However, it should be known that we will never expect anything from anyone. Erdogan and those who support him should know well that we will not leave the blood of our children on the ground. We will avenge our martyrs. Let them attack as much as they want, but we will not leave our lands. He who abandons his land abandons his belief and honour.

Meyan Nasser gave the following message to the invaders: “As the attacks increase, so does our grudge. Together with our children, we will take up arms and defend Shengal. We will give our lives, but we will not give up our land.”

TAJÊ member Kinê Xidir emphasized: “The enemy is carrying out attacks on Shengal to scare us. However, we are not afraid and do not leave Shengal. Shengal is both our home and our grave. There are thousands of Yazidis who will raise their weapons for  our martyrs. Even if the whole world unites and attacks Shengal, we will not leave Shengal. We will either die with honor or live freely. We are not giving up our resistance.”

We will avenge our martyrs

Members of the People’s Assembly and Êzidxan Asayish came together in the place where the attack took place.

People’s Assembly co-chair Şêx Murad said that Wednesday, which was a holy day for them, had turned into a black day. Noting that Kurdish enemies target them through agents, Şêx Murad said that this is unacceptable.

Êzidxan Public Security Member Naci Şengali said: “The attacks carried out by the invading Turkish state and the treacherous Barzani family against us continue. Two days ago, Pîr Çeko and Agir Cefri were killed. Today, our friend Sherzad was targeted and killed. This is a reality of being a freedom movement. Let the world know that we will avenge the martyrs.”

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